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Getting the benefits of a vanity toll free number

Deciding to go with a 800 vanity numbers will be a great way to start the process of branding your small business. For example vanity toll numbers like 800-COMPASS. Every day more and more owners are utilizing vanity 800 numbers to help potential clients to identify with their corporation or brand that they sell. As a business owner, you too can do this by giving a little bit of thought before you are picking your vanity number.

There are a lot of options that can be added to a 800 vanity number. New features such as call waiting, redirecting numbers, free web fax, and you can get some automated options like auto attendant which is usually included at no cost to the regular monthly fee. More complicated business features like voice faxing, dial by directory, click to call options, may be added to your vanity phone number, but will result in a higher monthly cost. When looking a companies site for even more options it is good to try to find them, and choose the ones that will work for you the best.

You will be thinking why does your office needs an vanity phone number. The solution is elementary; a step up in service. Also put yourself at your prospect's and potential customer's cleats. If you happen to be searching on the World Wide Web for the right product and at a period where you have to contact a individual and then ask questions about what company you will go with, to get a vanity phone number. The important decision you will have to determine is that committing to go with a toll free vanity number will cost you more than from choosing a random toll-free number, but the return may notably eclipse the amount. While deciding to get a vanity toll number will be a intelligent business action, there are alternative factors that you need to consider before you choose one including:

• Easy to remember: Be very sure that the vanity toll-free number that you are selecting is also straight forward to memorize. You don’t want your customers to not remember your vanity number. Keep this in mind when you pick your vanity toll free number, it should be transparent and interesting.

• Don’t make it personal: Unless you are selling yourself as a brand you should avoid using your name in the vanity number. It is a better situation to save the very personal things for your auto driver license plate on your vehicle and keep focus to a vanity number for your small business.

• Relevancy: Make sure that the vanity telephone number you pick is relevant to your company.

• Catchiness: There should not be a point in deciding to get a 800 vanity numbers if you are not going to be positive that it is going to catch on. You may use your acuteness and come up with a phone-number that your buyers will memorize.

You are sure to have to pay more money for your vanity telephone number so you should want to be confident that the number you select may be one that people will keep calling over and over.


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